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Kitchen being re-imagined

4 easy ways to spruce up your kitchen or bathroom

What's the most popular room of the house? Is it the living room, the go-to place for rest and relaxation? Or maybe it's the dining room, where the family frequents for conversation after another day at school or the office.

It's hard to say for sure - but it's safe to assume that a case can be made for the kitchen or bathroom - two areas of your home you may want to consider sprucing up.

In a 2018 Houzz poll of professional remodelers, 75 percent said more of their work involved helping homeowners reduce the amount of clutter in their kitchens. In a separate poll among baby boomers, 47 percent said they wanted to change the layout of their bathrooms so they were more conducive to aging in place.

Home improvement projects can run the gamut in terms of costs: from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars. People often finance them through home equity lines of credit, as rising home values are helping more Americans realize that homeownership truly is the best investment. Renovation mortgage loans offer the option to wrap the cost of renovations into your mortgage, which can give you better repayment terms than many loan options for the renovations alone.

There's always something to be said for do-it-yourself projects too, which don't necessarily have to be expensive to be transformative. Here are a few suggestions that can help you revive the look of your kitchen and/or bathroom without much fuss:

Paint the sides of doors

Is your bathroom stuck in a color rut? White may have seemed like the best color for the walls and tile. That may be your preference, but something is still missing.

To inject just a hint of flare to the room, consider painting the sides of the door, BuzzFeed advised. Whether it's a bright yellow or an audacious red, that little bit of color that's viewable whenever the door is wide open or slightly ajar can provide the extra pizzazz you're looking for quickly and easily. You might consider doing the same to sides of drawers in the bathroom or kitchen.

Place mouthwash in a decanter

You can't help but feel like something is out of place when cotton swabs, soap dispenser and toothbrushes are in their own special containers, but the mouthwash is still stuck in the same bottle you found it in at the grocery store. BuzzFeed suggested placing mouthwash in a decanter, which can help complete the decorated toiletry ensemble.

Smooth out the ceiling with a screwdriver

Popcorn may be great to eat, but it's not exactly the most visually pleasing of ceiling surfaces, having bumps all over the place. More formally known as stucco, popcorn ceilings were once all the rage, but they're a trend of the past.

To take the bumps out, all you need is a flathead screwdriver, according to the Family Handyman. Using one to canvass the entire ceiling is pretty labor-intensive, but it will make painting a straight line where the wall and ceiling meet much easier. It will also give you an idea of what the ceiling would look like completely texture-free.

Make use of mirrors

Mirrors are pretty magical. In addition to making a small room appear larger, they help reflect light, so that a dark space appears brighter. Talk with an interior designer about the best places to position mirrors, particularly in your kitchen.

Small changes can make big differences when sprucing up your bathroom, kitchen or any other room of your house. Consider implementing some of these modest modifications to your place. They may serve as inspiration for what to do next.